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Pauline Roche

Big data and the social sector – some reading

Reading list on Big data and the social sector

I’m doing a trawl of reading on Big data and charities, the voluntary sector etc and publishing it here so others can also benefit – fill your boots Is big data leveling the playing field for charities? By Alize Cyril, LucyInnovation blog, 27th April 2017 “…What most charities can do now with big data is […]

How do you review your digital footprint?

The first version of this article was published in bvsc Update Apr-May 2016 as the third in a series of three articles on the role of digital technology and data in the transformation of the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector (VCSE)

post revised and updated Mar 2018 TWEAKING SOME PRACTICES: IT’S NOT ALL OR NOTHING Having discussed wider and strategic issues in the previous two articles in this series (Smart Cities: smarter VCSE and Digital governance) we thought it necessary in this article to provide some practical guidance for organisations about how to incorporate such activities into their […]

Data we don’t know we don’t know

Our Special Projects Director Ted Ryan, often refers to the data which smaller voluntary and community sector organisations have, but don't yet share...

This was a topic Ted talked about at our annual Open Data Day event in 2017 at Innovation Birmingham. We know that public policy is being made about resource allocation which excludes data from front-line organisations in our sector Matthew Ryder speaking at NAVCA Future Forward We were therefore delighted to hear our thinking reinforced by […]

Digital skills: looking at the data – Part Two

Part two of two posts which looks at some data on online and digital skills in the UK population

The first of these two posts was originally published in Sept 2016; both posts reflect the latest data in various reports, including the second annual Lloyds Bank UK Consumer Digital Index 2017: Benchmarking the digital and financial capability of consumers in the UK, and the fourth annual UK Business Digital Index 2017: Benchmarking the digital maturity of small […]

Tech for good at a bad time

Non profits, voluntary sector organisations and social enterprises could be using available technology better, possibly in ways they haven’t tried before.

So it snows, and you have to cancel the seasonal market for which you’ve been preparing for the last few weeks, or even months. There are so many disappointed people – you, the organiser, your staff, your stallholders, their potential customers. You and your staff have allocated time and resources, stallholders have prepared and/or refreshed […]

Regional data on charities

Post inspired by the 4th annual Lloyds Bank Business Digital Index

The Lloyds Bank Business Digital Index 2017 measures the digital capability of 2,000 small businesses and charities across the UK The report concentrates on small businesses but it does have a very useful section on charities, especially useful for us being the data about charities in the regions – the two digital demographics diagrams for […]

9 things you need to know about Hacks

Hacks are a new way for us in the third sector of approaching challenging social issues, by working in teams with people from different sectors and by harnessing technology - here's some insights from our experiences of them

What is a hack/hackathon? Hackathons, or to use the more well-known abbreviation, ‘Hacks’, are a fairly new concept to most people in the UK third sector. Originating in the software development industry, hacks are events where people from different backgrounds and sectors choose to get together with others, or are encouraged to come together, to work […]

Tech Talks And Tips From YouTube: Jan 2017: Wakelet

First Net Squared Midlands meetup of 2017 and we're looking at learning from YouTube

The 2nd largest Search Engine in the world, YouTube processes more than 3 billion searches a month. 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute. We spent some time at the beginning of this Net Squared Midlands meetup talking about how we search YouTube using filters etc, and then co-organiser Pauline shared some short ‘How to’ […]

Inspiring Fifty: Europe 2017 award winner

Our MD, Pauline Roche, has been listed as one of the 50 most inspiring female influencers, entrepreneurs, business leaders, academics and policy makers from across Europe.

          WHAT IS INSPIRING FIFTY? The best and brightest women in technology in Europe in 2017 are listed here in alphabetical order. Because they are all true role models. Inspiring Fifty is an not-for-profit that aims to increase diversity in technology by making female role models more visible. ROLE MODELS Recent […]

Outstanding Contribution to Technology award winner

RnR MD wins a West Midlands Women of the year award 2016

We are celebrating! Our Managing Director, Pauline Roche, won the award for Outstanding Contribution to technology at the 2016 West Midlands Women of the Year Awards held on Friday November 11th at the Novotel Birmingham on Broad St. Pauline is an information science professional specialising in community building, outreach and developing better processes for the […]

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Ted Ryan

Component Three: Supply Chain Development, Remodelling the service wave impact of public realm funding

Or the perplexing complexity of transformational relationships

Introduction As identified in Component Two, public realm ‘transformational’ activity, within the Linear Process, focuses on a commissioning and tendering process and the development of a supply chain of services. This third component explores the complex and often perplexing issues generated by public realm service ‘transformation’, and how such transformational activity impacts on other sectors […]

Component Two: The Ecosystem (Current and Possible)

Introduction Having identified issues and terminology in the first component (Component One) the next two components aim to both deconstruct structures that are related to those issues, as well as exploring structures that ‘traverse’ public realm structures, which may be funded by public realm finances but are often seen as an addition to public realm […]

Component One: Components in Transformation

Introduction These series of essays seek to explore the concept of transformation within public realm provision, deconstructing the process into components, identifying issues, terminology and methods that have formed current practice and process and arguing in a public realm provision transformational process. The term ‘component’ is used to identify the complexity of public realm process, […]

Exploring public realm transformation

...explore the systems within public realm process of decision making and its influences on other sectors...

Introduction Visualisations within this post are to be published soon by RnR Organisation in a series of essays that explore public realm transformation The visualisations explore the systems within public realm process of decision making and its influences on other sectors, primarily the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS). Within this post the visualisations are in […]

Role of VCS organisations in academic research

Based on our current community support activity, our research focuses on reducing health inequalities and improving population health and wellbeing in Sparkbrook and surrounding areas by linking high quality research, innovation and engagement to operational practice in a community-led asset-based delivery process

The complexity of contemporary health issues requires that we all work across boundaries of community organisations, health providers and non-health disciplines. This enables us to embrace a host of behavioural, social, economic and environmental factors that affect the health of our target communities. We recognise that, as community based organisations, we cannot do this in […]

Asset-based transformation: an introduction

Having published our Three Field Asset based Community Development paper we now want to start thinking about an operational model that will enable the implementation of an asset based health approach.

Fig 1 is our first design of such a model. We will, in the coming months, develop this design and model. This will be done through discussion with commissioners and community activists to enable a robust, fundable and sustainable model to be designed that recognises the importance of all participants within the process. Fig 1 […]

Henry Ford, Top Gear and Robert Kennedy, and my thinking on innovation and transformation in the voluntary sector

Issues of transformation within the voluntary sector

A strange trinity of influence and, while the first two have something in common, they have little to do with the Voluntary Sector. Sometimes, while accumulating information from a variety of sources, something happens. This was one such time for me – a quotation, a television programme and a speech. Suddenly the answers to a […]

When is a market not a market?

Transformation of our (VCS Organisations) finance, performance, product performance and behaviour within our ecosystem, or market.

A confusing title for an equally confusing time. We are told we have to behave more ‘market like’, be innovative and develop new products. But, can publicly funded services, a publicly funded, openly tendered and procured service exist within a true ‘market economy’ (private sector) market? As a producer, in a ‘market economy’, I would […]

Kerslake is wrong

The reframing of Local Authorities and its impact on Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) ecosystem

This is the first in a series of blogposts concerning the reframing of Local Authorities and the impact it will have on Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) ecosystem. Subsequent posts will address the history of local governance and our potential ‘romantic view’ of Councils capability to deliver local services as well as exploring the future […]

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