Creating and using embedded maps with Mike Cummins

Session on how to create and use embedded maps (on WordPress) using Google Fusion Tables

Building Data literacy in the voluntary sector In August 2014, as part of our project to build data literacy in the voluntary sector on the Civic Foundry pre-accelerator programme, we organised a session during the Foundry’s massive skills share to show Civic Foundry colleagues and others how to Create and use embedded maps (on WordPress) using Google Fusion Tables. Mike Cummins and […]

Why the VCS should use Twitter more

A week of my life on Twitter

  I’m constantly encouraging VCS CEOs, Trustees and others working in the sector to use social media, particularly LinkedIn and Twitter, and here are 10 interesting things I tweeted about in the week just gone,which I hope helps to show why I think they should: Aug 27: I passed on info about a project focused on […]

State of my blog: You’ve done too much…

I have so much to say about the various areas of work I’m doing that I don’t know where to start sometimes! My friend Lorna Prescott (@dosticen on Twitter) says to start with the most enjoyable thing, the thing that you’re enjoying right now but I’m still stuck – sometimes this multi-tasking that women do […]

Good things come…

Photo from NG Events Ltd Ever since I was the CEO of The Digbeth Trust, meeting with the then-head of Digital Birmingham to discuss the ICT needs of voluntary organisations in Birmingham, I’ve been clear that many voluntary organisations, especially the smaller ones, really need financial and other support to get the ICT equipment to help them […]

Steps on my road

This blog was inspired by a post (‘Steps on the road’) from Jo Ivens, CEO of Brighton & Hove Impetus who, in a previous role, worked on a project called Databridge, which aimed to empower the voluntary, community and social enterprise sectors to use Open Data Hi Jo, Always good to read what you have […]

Celebrating Nollaig na MBan 2014

Nollaig na mBan Suzzanne, Siobhan, Kath, Caroline, Noreen, Irene, Ann, Pauline, Maureen, Geraldine and I got together tonight in The White Swan in Digbeth, Birmingham to celebrate the annual Irishwomen’s celebration, Nollaig na mBan, also known as Little Christmas. We told each other a bit about ourselves, mentioned our various connections to Ireland, talked a […]

Leverage – one of my favourite words

I believe in people, and I believe we can do great things on our own, but joining together with others, with single individuals, in organisations, in groups and in communities, that’s when we can start to see the potential for real and lasting change – in ourselves, in groups we care about (families, friends, organisations, […]