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How could digital identification help UK charities to more effectively collect information about people using their services?

Do charities need to prove who people are, ensure that they are legally eligible for services or to record and recall information about them? If they do, what worries them about the process?

Could Yoti Keys help people to take ownership of their background information and how they share it when accessing multiple, or repeat, services?

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Nissa and I will be exploring the most effective use cases for the Yoti app (which verifies legal identities or key personal details, like age) among UK charities. We will also explore the use cases for Yoti Keys, our offline solution, which is a product in development that enables charities to register and subsequently identify people accessing their services without needing a smartphone, documentation or connectivity.

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If you work for a charity based and working in the UK then we’d love to hear from you.

All we need you to do is to share your opinions and experiences by responding to ordering orlistat online without a precription by 10am on Wednesday 26 September.

The survey will be relevant to you regardless of whether your work is paper-based or tech driven, face to face or online.

We’re particularly interested in hearing from you if you have a need to legally identify people. We also want to hear from people who could potentially use the offline Key to help prevent people from having to tell their story every time they access a service, or to help their organisation better manage and monitor people’s interactions with their service .

What next

The research will end in late September, with a first look at our findings coming out later in the year.

If you want to follow the progress of the project then you can. Nissa and I will be tweeting about our work using the hashtag #digitalidentity.

Please let us know what you think by completing the survey or getting in touch with Nissa at order orlistat (xenical) no prescription or I so we can work towards delivering the best possible products and services for UK charities.

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non prescription orlistat is relaunching on September 20th 2018 with a new development plan for bi-monthly meetups.

Net Squared Midlands, organised by Pauline Roche and Ted Ryan from RnR Organisation, is a tech for social good group with regular free events for people interested in using the web or mobile technology for social good. It’s part of a global order orlistat online consultation movement of innovators in more than 70 cities around the world, including Birmingham.

Ted said: “In developing Net Squared Midlands, we aim to build a sector that knows how to use technology more efficiently in order to help their beneficiaries, explore the specific issues and activities not financed through many tech for good funding streams, increase the efficiency and productivity of our sector e.g. automate repetitive tasks, and to build a creative and collaborative digital mindset in the sector”

Sam Reader, of new tech startup indian orlistat, who has recently become a member of Net Squared Midlands, said: “I think what RnR Organisation is doing, to help charities and non-profits is a great approach and very meaningful. Our team are also passionate about connecting people with others, to share useful information for positive action so I look forward to being involved with Net Squared Midlands.”

Net Squared Midlands is one of 4 themed areas of work undertaken by RnR Organisation, under the Tech for Good and Data for Good banners. They also publish a free monthly e-bulletin (orlistat for sale), organise the unconference for voluntary sector infrastructure organisations (orlistat for sale without prescription), and Pauline chairs the regional funders network (pharmacy where you can purchase).