Non users of the internet – understand motivations and overcoming barriers

Good Things Foundation, in partnership with BT, is holding a practical and informative event for digital inclusion practitioners to learn more about how to understand motivations and overcome barriers for non-users of the internet. The event will share their latest research and help you to embed this insight into your delivery.

The event will take place at the Impact Hub, Birmingham, from 10.30am – 3.30pm, and the agenda is below:

The research they’ll be launching has been conducted with the support of BT, and using Ofcom data, provides a brand new insight into why people don’t use the internet, and how we can overcome some of these barriers.

At the event, they’ll be sharing the research findings, as well as giving you the chance to hear from other organisations who are successfully overcoming barriers in their communities. You’ll take part in workshops to dive deeper into the barriers, and come up with practical plans to help overcome them. You’ll also have the opportunity to network with other organisations who are supporting digitally excluded people.

After the event, you will have a better understanding of why non-users choose to be offline, as well as some practical ideas for how you can overcome these barriers to help engage people with digital.