Open Data Commission outline – draft activity

RnR Organisation proposes to investigate the promotion and consolidation of open data into public sector activity in the West Midlands in an Open Data Commission [441 kB, PDF – click to download]

We will use our expertise in the support and transformation of Civic Organisations [i] to create outcomes which  will benefit all sectors of the economy in Birmingham and the wider West Midlands

This work is timely as it can make an expert contribution to the plans and negotiations for the formation of the West Midlands Combined Authority

While each Council in such an Authority will/may have an Open Data policy, we believe that, unless the importance of combining such policies from the start is identified by those who are best-informed in this field, the benefits of Open Data and common standards and policies may be missed.

We believe that by undertaking this ‘commission’ over the coming period, we may/will be able to influence the new structure and any processes (Local Economic Partnerships) to which they are aligned. Influencing such structures at the outset reduces inefficiency and sets standards by which services can be reviewed as they develop and deliver  projects

This, in turn, will identify how open data can influence economic growth, common services and business development in the area

[i] organisations that inhabit the space between the state, businesses and individuals, NCVO, 2012

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