Paper: Three Field Asset Based Community Development

The Three Field Asset Based Development discussion document [732kB PDF – click to download] explores the potential reconfiguring of the relationship between the health sector with the complex but hugely resourceful voluntary and community sector (VCS).

The ‘Three Fields’ referred to in the title identifies distinct roles within health care provision.

The paper outlines how the Three Fields, by being specific about the roles of identified organisations within the statutory and VCS sectors, can help health provision to benefit from working more strategically with VCS organisations, complementing and enhancing statutory provision.

The paper also identifies implementation and relationship issues.

For the process to succeed there is not only a need to be specific about the provision within the fields, but also a need to change the culture and attitude of statutory health organisations towards VCS organisations – attitudes to sharing information, acknowledging skills, commissioning appropriate organisations to achieve appropriate outcomes and services. The paper outlines changes that need to be made if such developments are to succeed related to a code of connection, reciprocal knowledge and financial relationships.

The paper concludes by identifying first steps and next actions. Having identified the process and the issues there is acknowledgement that the process will not happen without buy in and a change in culture in delivering health care.

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