“We help the people that help the people”

Asset-based community development and tech for good

RnR Organisation is a social enterprise, which works to improve and increase the digital and data literacy of the voluntary sector through writing, organising and campaigning using asset-based community development methods

Our services include our free monthly publication how to purchase xenical, supporting the use of technology and data for impact in the collaborative economy.


We work with smaller, mission-driven organisations, especially those who want to improve and increase their digital and data literacy to work smarter in asset-based community development programmes.


We provide project and operational management and occasional event management to smaller mission-driven organisations and SMEs in the voluntary and community sector, and to grassroots and minority cultural and community groups.

Asset-based community development

We help our clients to address their governance, communications, operations or finance management.

We apply asset-based community development principles to our work, so our clients can help themselves and others better, without becoming dependent on us for support in the long term.


As well as our free monthly #TechForGood e-bulletin orlistat 60mg tablets express shipping we use social media for internal and external communications as well as email and other collaborative means of communication for different projects. We also help other organisations learn about and improve on their social media management.

We run or co-curate several Twitter accounts.

We founded orlistat 120 mg for sale usa business account and where can i buy orlistat over the counterWe also run or co-curate Twitter accounts for organisations we chair, like orlistat no perscription required and online pharmacy no prescription orlistat.

We also run or co-curate the Twitter accounts where we organise and run events like orlistat 60 mg without prescription, orlistat without prescriptions and buy orlistat online with no prescription.

Tech for good and Data for good

We believe technology, improved digital literacy and the understanding, sharing and usage of the science of data and open data can help all of us in the collaborative economy do our important work better. We can use it to free us up to spend more of our valuable time doing our core work, and other times use it to make better decisions and work smarter.

Smart Cities

Based at orlistat precio, we are a catalyst in the buy orlistat india ecosystem and we believe that Smart and digital systems, big and open data and Smart Cities programmes can and should help our sector to develop, deliver and monitor services and activities which better meet the needs of our users.

Talk to us

If you like the sound of any of the above, please orlistat online no prescriptions required from the US for a chat about working together to achieve something good for your organisation and/or community

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