Charities need communications: reading list

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A series of articles curated from CharityComms Knowledge Hub

Friends at the top: getting to know your trustees 

by Kay Parris, 8th November 2016

Help them understand the role and value of comms

For Trustees Week 2016, we’ve produced Understanding communications: a brief guide for charity trustees. Why not ask your CEO to circulate it to the board, and suggest it’s included in your trustee induction programme? Or offer to present to the board on the role and value of comms at an upcoming trustee meeting, and take the guide along as a handout.

How to make the case for comms with trustees

by Kay Parris 6th Jan 2017

Communications can help trustees deliver on virtually every organisational aim and governance duty laid out by the Charity Commission. However, these things can only happen when the communications function enjoys recognition, understanding and influence at the top of the organisation.

If your trustees are yet to be persuaded of the critical, strategic role of comms in your organisation, keep clear arguments to hand. 

One voice: a Best Practice Guide to integrated communications

by Vicky Browning, 18th Feb 2015

Developing audience-focused communications that deliver a range of aims at the same time will result in stronger impact and greater outcomes for your organisation.

One voice, CharityComms’ Best Practice Guide to integrated communications, produced in partnership with GOOD Agency, is a practical guide to getting buy-in for integrated comms and how to roll out the practice across your organisation.

How does your comms team stack up?

by Duncan Hatfield, 27th May 2017

For the last decade, CharityComms has been tirelessly flying the flag for comms by connecting professionals and sharing best practice. In our tenth year, we’ve launched the Communications Benchmark 2017: Taking the sector’s temperature, to investigate how our sector has evolved over the last 10 years, and what might lie in the future. To follow our 2008 and 2012 benchmarks, this year we asked comms professionals at 273 charities a series of searching questions about their views, and analysed the results.

The report has been designed to help you:

  • evaluate how much comms is valued
  • provide ammunition to boost the status of comms and secure management buy-in
  • compare your communications department and its resources against the wider sector
  • identify the barriers to achieving your comms goals
  • spot current and future trends