Supporting Women in Tech: DIDFest 2019

Pauline Roche from RnR Organisation was delighted to be one of the ‘organising Friends’ featured on the Diversity in Digital (DIDFest) website.

DIDFest is a brand new city wide festival in Birmingham, made up of incredible events that aim to inspire behaviour change and close the Gender diversity gap in Digital. 2019 was the first year this festival was put together and Pauline and the others on the ‘organising’ teamwere delighted that so many events happened.

DIDFest 2019 focussed on closing the Gender gap in Digital, but to do that over the next decade or so, we know that we need to involve and include everyone, from developers and engineers, right the way through to people who don’t use a smartphone (yet).

The lack of diversity in the digital sector is an ongoing challenge. Birmingham is forecast to become the UK’s second plural city by 2024, and as one of the most diverse cities in the U.K., we want to help ensure that the population is properly represented throughout the tech industry. Through a month long, city-wide ‘Diversity in Digital Festival’, we aimed to celebrate, challenge, inspire and take action on making a difference for years to come!

The first festival celebrated all things Women in Tech, including how to engage, attract, retain and develop more women in the industry. We aim to encourage, empower and inspire more girls and women to get into STEM, and to thrive in STEM careers.

The festival team is not just looking to educate Organisational Leaders on the benefits of ‘having an inclusive workforce’ (although that will be part of it!). We want to engage everyone:

  • children of all ages, their parents and their teachers
  • women who haven’t yet decided what career path to take
  • women who have careers outside of STEM but may want to understand more about cross-training into digital roles
  • women already working in STEM but struggling with not having strong female role models around them to support and guide them organisational leaders who understand the importance, but want some help on improving their culture and business practices
  • People who want to be part of helping to make some or all of the above happen, sooner rather than later

The month-long festival was broken down into four themes: PLAY, INSPIRE, COMMUNITY and LEADERSHIP.

Each theme focused on different groups of people and had clear ways for attendees to get more involved and take next steps in developing their understanding of how to join local communities.

DIDFest is For Women, Men, Kids, Parents, Teachers, Business Leaders… there is something for everyone!

All confirmed DIDFest events between March 8th – April 7th listed here